The Barrel that Lives on St. Vincent Street : an Interview

Since late 2008, I have noticed this barrel (see photo below) on St. Vincent Street., Port-of-Spain.

The Barrel that Lives on St. Vincent Street

Curious about its attachment to that particular location, I decided to interview it.

The text of my interview is as follows:


Mango: Can I get your name for the record?

Barrel: Barrel Jr. or Junior.  Pa was much bigger than me. A Port barrel (or drum as he preferred to be called!).

Mango: How did you end up on St. Vincent Street and how long have you been there?

Barrel: Hmmm. I know I was here for the Summit of the Americas, the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting and at least two Carnivals. I get some real good wine…

Mango: What’s your job? Are you covering a hole in the pavement? Do you hold some secret but useful contents?

Barrel: Job? I just there. Chillin’. Taking it all in.

Mango: Don’t you wish that you could be in another location?

Barrel:  Why would I want to move? I in a real good spot! I can check out the road-side action from the Magistrate’s Court, Attorney General’s Office and even the Red House!

Mango: So you don’t feel that you’re in the way there?

Barrel:  In the way? Hmmm. People have to get out of MY way, not the other way around, if that’s what you mean. The young, the old, the differently-abled… When the pavement real busy, they have to step out into the road. Dat is power! What I don’ t like is getting confused for a bin or a toilet. People feel just because I there, they can rest garbage on top of me, urinate near to me (dogs too!).

Mango: Is there anything you would like to say to the authorities?

Barrel: Fix the pavement. Those dam cracks wear down my base! Put up signage around me so that people will know to get out of my way (I don’t like being jostled!), to not use me as a bin, to not pee on me. Oh yes – and bring a lady barrel for me. It gets lonely out here.

Mango: Thank you Barrel for taking the time to chat with me.

Barrel: No probs. Stop by any time.


Authorities, as lovely as the barrel may seem (at least in my imaginary interview), it does not belong on the the pavement! It is an obstruction and an eyesore. Port-of-Spain, “Athens of the Caribbean,” its inhabitants and visitors, deserve better.


~ by mangoandmosquitoblog on March 1, 2010.

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  1. heh heh heh…

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