Niceness is a Ting

On my recent work trip, I could not help but notice how the people (in and out of the service industry) of a particular island, really “bought in” to the idea of promoting their country to visitors.

Everywhere I went, the locals were helpful, quick to wish you a wonderful stay, to make suggestions (where to eat, shop, visit) and to encourage you to return.

The people clearly understood the major impact that tourism has and can continue to have on their island’s economy.

Can Trinidadians say the same?

How will Trini labour cope with the ongoing hotel construction boom?

I had the opportunity to visit the Hyatt and the staff was incredibly courteous, but could that be attributed to the novelty-factor?  If Trinidadians cannot offer long-term quality service to their fellow citizens (my pet peeve and a generalization), can they be expected to do so for others?

The Ministry of Tourism has launched a campaign called “We 2 Nice Not To Be Nice” that apparently seeks to address these issues and more.  Read about it here.

I am really curious as to what informed the formulation of this campaign.  If you are trying to change something, it stands to reason that you ought to know the causes / contributing factors… What accounts for Trinis’ poor customer service culture?

It is kind of sad when the State has to tell you to play nice with others.

Notwithstanding, hopefully the endeavour is a long-term one as attitudinal and behavioural changes do not take place overnight.


I have excluded Tobago from this post, because the hotel / tourism industry there, to my mind, is quite different to that of Trinidad.


~ by mangoandmosquitoblog on August 3, 2008.

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