The Newspaper Clipping

Whenever we left the house for any protracted period (i.e. overnight) Pappy would say to Mosquito and me: “We brought you into this world as a whole person, do not come back to us as a newspaper clipping…”

The two of us would try to say as reassuringly as possible “Don’t worry, we’ll be careful!” But then, when we turned our backs, we would roll our eyes and lament our luck at having ended up with overprotective and pessimistic parents, who tried to “kill” our joy at being freed (albeit temporarily) from the confines of home.

Now, when I read the horror stories that our news items almost always consist of, I am grateful for these people who cared (and still care) enough to worry for us, to caution us. Yes – their “stories” (the heads in flower-pots sort) have the potential to make you a nervous wreck – but they also encourage vigilance, something has become necessary considering the dangerous paradise that we live in.

The reality is that from the moment I leave home to the moment I return, I feel like I am at risk, like there is no respite from the menace of the criminal element. When I open my front door, I do not know who may be lying in wait. When I get into my car, I do not know who may try to forcibly remove me from it, remove it from me. When I walk the streets of the city, I do not know who may try relinquish me of my property and extinguish my life in the process. When I return home, I also do not know who may be lurking outside or even waiting inside for me, with malicious intent.

We Trinbagonians are running the gauntlet.

In a place so small, where we are connected to each other by six degrees of separation or less, the people who pose threats to society are persons that we know – family members, friends, neighbours, co-workers, acquaintances. And, if we take a careful look in the mirror, perhaps, even ourselves…


~ by mangoandmosquitoblog on May 31, 2008.

2 Responses to “The Newspaper Clipping”

  1. my sentiments exactly

  2. “Live each day as if…”

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