The Hardest Thing

Rising food prices is a local, regional, global problem, but nothing brings it closer to home than when you are standing in line at the grocery and have to watch someone struggle with what not to purchase while in front of the cashier.

As someone who drafts my household’s weekly grocery list and does a supermarket run every now and again, nothing makes me feel stranger than rolling up to the cashier with a relatively full trolley (there are 4+ adults at home) and then being asked by someone (usually an elderly person) with his/her modest, single basket, if they could go in front of me (because they have fewer items to cash).

This weekend, a dapper-looking grandfather-type, went ahead of me with his basket of bread, cheese, beer (I could not help but notice!) and other smaller items. It was a true comment on the state of the old-age pension and food prices when the old gent became visibly agitated when the cashier pulled up his total. You could see him mentally weighing the value of beer vs. cheese…


~ by mangoandmosquitoblog on May 13, 2008.

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