Give the Rot Some Kibble

I am not a fan of Mr. Rowley. The media has more than enough evidence of the arrogance and aggression that marks his usual style of communication (so I have no real trouble believing the “hooligan” description). Furthermore, the tea-cup and Scarborough Hospital business, though apparently resolved, have put his character into question. But something has to be said about the way in which Mr. Rowley talks about the reason behind his recent dismissal.

Although the motives for his actions may be less than altruistic (he never publicly said anything against Calder Hart and UDECOTT when he was in the thick of things as Minister of Housing), Mr. Rowley has thus far not resorted to the overly self-righteous, personalized attack stance of our Prime Minister. In multi-cultural T&T, what does Patos’ being a Christian have to do with this conflict? I am all for using our creole language for emphasis, but it is somehow offensive to me to hear the use of the street term “wajang” (at least that is how it was presented by the press) associated with the holder of our nation’s second highest office and his cohorts.

Somethings stinks here.

Rowley and the PM have been at odds for quite some time, but I still cannot believe that this incident was the “straw that broke the camel’s back.” Patos was not even at the contentious meeting. I am sure that the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago would be very much interested in reading the minutes / hearing the audio recording (if they exist) of the Cabinet committee meeting. Too bad that the proceedings are supposedly secret. That is a dumb rule.

As someone who has always been interested in why the government thinks that it ought to use taxpayers’ monies to build hotels when we are in need of schools and hospitals, this sixty-room hotel is news to me (and apparently it is news to the rest of the population too). It is amazing how we Trinis do not have much input into the very things that we pay for. Where were the national consultations on the design and layout of any of the major construction projects? Where is the use our indigeous architectural styles (hodgepodge or not)?

Will the truth ever come out? I am doubtful. Even when supposedly wronged, PNMites are PNMites to the grave. The split-personalities of the likes of Rowley and Valley who claim party allegiance while being ousted from government are troubling.

Will changes be made to the way things are done? Not really. It does not seem to suit the party in power’s interest to put forward any policies on transparency in procurement, tendering…It will be difficult to give your cronies (your financiers) business when oversight powers are placed in the hands of others (as if in T&T’s six degrees of separation or less that is even possible).


For more on Rowley’s dismissal see:,77636.html,77637.html

~ by mangoandmosquitoblog on April 25, 2008.

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