Assess This

Although Trinidad and Tobago does not have agro-based economy and has not joined the organic produce movement, Trinbagonians are well aware of the dangers of agricultural chemicals to human life. The frequency with which (at least that is the sense that I get from the media reports) my fellow citizens resort to death by agricultural weedicide/herbicide or pesticide/insecticide is alarming. Terms such as Gramoxone and Lanate have become part of our every day vocabulary.

Earlier this year, Dr. Hari Maharajh, local psychiatrist, commented on T&T’s WHO (World Health Organization) ranking as the Caribbean country with the second highest rate of suicide. The failure of (romantic) relationships was identified as possible reason for suicide. Maharajh linked the use of agricultural chemicals as a suicide aide to Indo-Trinidadian males in particular (Read the full article here: Very worrying.

Maybe T&T should start a “black list” of products that tend to do us more harm than good… Maybe we all need have mental health assessments before being able to access such products… Maybe those persons who experience heartbreak require closer psychiatric monitoring than others… Imagine needing a certificate attesting to our sound mental state in order to procure items like knives, ropes, gardening supplies…

The reality is that when violence is in the heart and mind of someone, seemingly ordinary objects can be used to inflict harm.


~ by mangoandmosquitoblog on April 15, 2008.

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