Consumers of Violent Content

The recent death of a school boy at the hands of a fellow student has provoked quite a bit of discussion amongst the local population. What is wrong with today’s young people? What is wrong with the school system? What is wrong with T&T’s society?

Experts and non-experts alike have put in their “two cents” on the issue, but it all seems like blather.  No real solution appears to be forthcoming.

Part of the debate has focused on the negative effects of violent music (gangsta rap and the like) on youth. But, as I have had cause to say before, where is the proof? What studies have been conducted (and replicated) on the local population to give credence to the assertion that violent music engenders violence amongst young listeners? If that is the case, what about violent tv shows, books, news reports or violent content in any other medium / form that this at risk group has access to?  Do we really believe that censorship of violent content will diminish the occurrence of violence in our society?

Or is it that consuming (listening, viewing) violent content is just one of the many factors that contribute towards the development of violent behaviour amongst our local youth?



~ by mangoandmosquitoblog on March 4, 2008.

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