Chivalry is Dead Dread

Any woman who has walked through the streets of Trinidad and Tobago can tell you that local men of a certain class and upbringing feel that it is their right to publicly profess their appreciation (or lack of) for your appearance.  These declarations and assertions can take many a creative form and can provoke a range of emotions in the recipient (annoyance, amusement, offence, fear).

Most females have learned through experience, to walk briskly past such men (if not crossing the street to evade them entirely), avoid eye contact if possible and feign deafness. However, given the apparent proclivity of local males of this class to turn to violence when spurned or ignored, sometimes a “good day” or  “thank you” and a smile (insincere or not), without the eye contact (as this might encourage further comments),  are enough to satisfy the commentator’s need for attention and recognition.

This week’s comment though takes the prize for originality and offensiveness.

Location: Uptown, Port of Spain                                             

Perpetrator: Random Construction Worker                       

Victim: Me                                                                               

Comment: “Dahlin’ doh walk so fast, yuh go make the saltfish geh wet.”

In this day and age it is just dangerous for any conscientious “gentleman” within hearing distance to jump to your defence, so do not expect any assistance.

Chivalry is dead in dis city.



~ by mangoandmosquitoblog on February 29, 2008.

2 Responses to “Chivalry is Dead Dread”

  1. Today on my way to work, I had to walk past a relatively “normal-looking” man who just felt (unsolicited) that he had to tell me about my “phat…”

    I wonder how he would feel if another man did that to his granny, aunt, mother, sister, niece, daughter in his presence?

    Some Trinis lack a sense of empathy. They cannot imagine what it is like to walk in another man or woman’s shoes. They are unable to treat others the way that they would want to be treated.

  2. apologies on behalf of my gender, but don’t say good manners (why chivalry?) is dead. my mom is still alive, i have aunts, sisters, sisters-in-law, daughters, nieces and many female cousins, so no, i don’t hail out, harass, or verbally offend women. and while you remember the foul-mouthed ones with distaste – for good reason – i am sure (god i hope so) that they are in the minority when you consider how many men you pass in the streets… and i go a step further, i tell my sons that they should never, ever do women that when they grow up. just as me, they must remember that firstly it’s not something to do and secondly that they have female relatives too..

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