“So Fresh and So Clean”

Today’s Express has an interesting article profiling “Let’s Clean Up & Green Up Trinidad and Tobago,” a clean-up campaign that is a joint venture between the Port of Spain City Corporation and the Tourism Development Company (TDC). Read the full article here.

As thus far, my blog entries have been mostly, if not entirely, pessimistic in tone (What does that say about me or life in Trinidad?), I would like to take this opportunity to say something positive: This campaign is a good start.

But (and with me, there always is a “but”) as there are always competing interests for resources (money, time, staff, supplies), campaigns (in Trinidad?) usually have a starting date an ending date.

I challenge Mayor Murchison Brown’s question “Why can’t we not practise the same habits we practise overseas?” I wonder if we Trinis are any “cleaner” abroad than at home. And if we are, is it because in those other countries there are enforceable punitive measures associated with the disregard for the public regulations concerning littering, property maintenance etc?

It is my belief that this problem of “cleanliness and hygiene” is one that is deeply entrenched into the lifestyle of the people that live, work, play in Trinidad and Tobago. It is not limited to the city of Port of Spain and its environs. The problem therefore requires a sustained effort on the part of all stakeholders.

Keeping Trinidad clean is not a venture that we should only embark on just in time for so-called “big” events (e.g. Carnival), but should be a daily practice.



~ by mangoandmosquitoblog on January 23, 2008.

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