In the Eye of the Beholder

Acquaintance has been at it again.  This time, with respect to Carnival.

Letters have been published in yesterday’s (01/07/08) Express (see below) and Guardian (“QPS a Shanty”).

When Ugliness Comes to Town

It is a pity that during T&T’s Carnival season, a celebration of the so-called high point of our artistic achievement, the associated infrastructure is so aesthetically unattractive.

Throughout the year the maintenance of Port of Spain’s green spaces, parks and recreation areas is of an average standard. That is to say, much more could be done. However come Carnival time, the celebration’s organisers, NCC and the like, with the permission of our myopic State, put up a number of structures in these spaces that destroy whatever attractiveness the city possesses. “Athens of the Caribbean” we are not.

Queen’s Park Savannah, for example, has been transformed into a shanty-like setting, with multi-coloured “shacks” serving as booths for craft and food vendors. Holes have been bored into grass-covered earth to support monstrous metal spectator stands.

Can we not create infrastructure that is functional, attractive and sensitive to our environment?

Lover of the Arts

Pt. Cumana

Taste is relative.  Sure that many others will disagree. 

Congrats to the organizers for, at least, recycling materials. Same ole board every year.

Wouldn’t it encourage creativity if the design of these stalls was open to the public? Perhaps an annual competition of sorts? Best design (functional, attractive) using economical, but quality, environmentally-friendly materials. 

Just a thought.





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  1. Think well, save the Planet.

  2. nice blogs profile

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