When I first started M&M in November 2007 with Mosquito, I did not think that I would stick with it very long.  Blogging takes a great deal of commitment, which up until the point of M&M’s inception was something that I had applied, with varying degrees of success, to a few relationships and school.

Yet, I found myself constantly thinking of doing it: what to post and when to do so.  In truth, this personal writing project has been quite cathartic.  I feel better having put my thoughts and feelings “out there,” unburdened some of my opinions concerning events in my own life and in the surrounding community.  In truth, I am far more eloquent when writing and just getting ideas down in print helps to clarify things in my own mind.  

The work of Trini bloggers, based at home and abroad, have provided much food for thought.  I enjoy, but could never hope to emulate: Caribbean Free Radio, Jumbie’s Watch, Keith in Trinidad,, The Manicou Report, Trinidad Media Arts & Culture, Ramblings and Reason, Media Watch and the list grows with the passage of time.

So, in the beginning of 2008, here I am, ready and rearing to blog.  Hopefully, Mosquito feels just as inspired.

Looking for my next topic.



~ by mangoandmosquitoblog on January 4, 2008.

3 Responses to “Blogspiration”

  1. Welcome to the Caribbean Blog List:

    And…. thanks for the mention. I’ll be keeping an eye on your blog. 🙂

  2. Really you’re here, Mango.

    And thanks for the link.

  3. Where’d the “glad” go in the previous message???

    It should have said “Really *glad* you’re here.”

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