Environmental Mamaguy Authority

Indigestion aside, my holiday week was not too bad.

Complaints, if any?

Like Acquaintance anticipated, the Boxing Day fete noise was a bother and I lost no small amount of sleep over it.

It seems like some other Valley resident got a bee in his bonnet over it and wrote a letter to the editor which was printed in this Sunday’s Express.

No Peace in this Valley
I do not live in the vicinity of the Queen’s Park Savannah, the Jean Pierre Complex, Skinner Park or near any other so-called fete venue. I live in the valley overlooking the L_ H_ Children’s Playfield in G——. On Boxing Day I found my sleep disturbed from midnight to 8 am by ear-ringing, window-shaking music. A certain “snowy” fete was being held on the Playfield. I should not have been surprised as ever since its recent “makeover” (spectator stand, bright night lights) the Playfield seems to be the venue of choice for some decidedly grown-up events. It would have been courteous if the organisers of such events and the overseeing authorities, appropriately notified the valley’s residents of the intention to host events and potentially “noisy” ones at that, on the Playfield.

Nonetheless, my wishes for 2008 and beyond are that:

-regional corporations use sound judgment when giving permission for the use of public recreational grounds

-fete organisers realise that not every field is meant for their use

-citizens understand that it is not a right to share personal musical selections with others

-the relevant authorities investigate, in good faith, residents’ reports of excessively loud music

-the Diego Martin Regional Corporation gets its priorities straight-the Playfield is not the only area in G—— that is in need of maintenance

-the legitimate residents of G—— speak out and stand up for their rights

George Greene

Pt Cumana

Write/Right on neighbs!!! Hope it makes a difference, however small.

Acquaintance has informed me that the e-mail that was sent to the EMA bounced back…Wonder why?

Acquaintance also told me that prior to sending that e-mail, several calls were made to the EMA, but the “appropriate” contact’s phone-line was only ringing. It was not a matter best left to voice-mail.

Think that the EMA has its work cut out for it. In spite of the media awareness campaign so praised by Acquaintance, the police and fete organizers need greater sensitization as to their roles and responsibilities. Moreover, there needs to be clearer guidelines for the public as to how to report on-going instances of noise pollution violations, or potential ones.

If there is a telephone, e-mail, or fax contact, someone needs to be there to answer, respond, or give feedback.

Do not mamaguy us.



P.S. Greene’s letter made it into the New Year’s  (01/01/08) edition of the Trinidad Guardian (” ‘Snowy’ fete wakes Glencoe” ). 

The more coverage the better, oui.

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