Will Ruida Ruin Christmas for Some?

I have not written in a while, but you know how the Christmas season goes: non-stop baking, cleaning, shopping.

Acquaintance has just provided me with a copy of an e-mail sent to the EMA (Environmental Management Authority) concerning an event that is likely to “disturb the peace” in G******.

Dear Sir/Madam:

Season’s Greetings.

In the past few weeks I have noticed the EMA’s media awareness campaign concerning noise pollution. Kudos on the advertisements and the articles.

One article, in particular, drew my interest: “EMA takes aim at noise polluters” (Newsday, December 13, 2007). Indeed, noise pollution has been a problem in my own neighbourhood of G****** for some time and past calls to our local police station have had little to no effect.

The areas that have been most acutely affected are the homes on the perimeter of the Children’s Playfield, and those in the overlooking valley. The Playfield has hosted numerous events that have been accompanied by music of varying decibel levels, ranging from totally uncomfortable to just plain annoying.

I can remember spending this last Father’s Day with the doors and windows locked against the ear-ringing, house-shaking music from a “sporting event” in the Playfield, unable to have a conversation with my own father.

Several other noisy events have since been hosted in the Playfield and none of the organizers of those events (or the Diego Martin Regional Corporation) saw it fit to give residents ample and appropriate notification.

This holiday week I was surprised to hear, on the radio no less, that another event has been carded for the Playfield. While the Police are aware of the event, I wonder if the EMA has been similarly notified.

Date: Wednesday 26th December 2007

Time: 12 am – 8 am

Location: Children’s Playfield, G******

Type of event: Features popular Parang and Soca artistes and several sound systems (=amplification equipment in use)

I (and I am sure other G****** residents) would be most grateful if the EMA monitored the event and intervened, if necessary, on our behalf.

Long-time G****** Resident

Wishing Acquaintance the best of luck with this new advocacy-by-writing endeavour.

Wonder how DMRC Chairman Steve Castagne would feel about such an event being hosted in the vicinity of his home, at that time?

Is G******’s resident representative, the Honourable Keith Rowley, hard of hearing?

In 2004, attorney A.N. Sankar wrote this about his/her own experience with trying to get a noise pollution complaint lodged with the EMA and resolved.

Things in TnT seem to stay at a standstill during the lead up to Christmas and New Year’s. Fewer people are in office, general distraction prevails and lethargy (more than usual?) is apparent when answering phones, checking e-mails, responding to queries.

A Trini will know that drinks and food of the season tend get things done more quickly (pastelles and sorrel for the garbage collectors, WASA workers…), but I don’t see Acquaintance going down to the EMA’s Head Office or Four Roads Police Station with a Tanty Merle-sized food basket in tow.


Giving Acquaintance ear-plugs for Christmas and wishing you, dear reader, all the best.



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