The No Corporation

Yesterday it was not without some interest that I observed a “stage” (large planks tacked together on top of several barrels) being erected in my neighbourhood’s Playfield.

To my knowledge, as a resident living in the vicinity of the Playfield, I had not received any notice (phone, mail, in-person) regarding the field being the venue for an upcoming “event.”

But I had not received any such notices in the past.

I suppose it is expecting too much that the Diego Martin Regional Corporation, the body responsible for the maintenance and use of the field, would see it fit, see it courteous, to notify residents about potential noise, “disturbances to the peace.”

(I am already assuming that residents do not have a say in the hosting of such events.)

Anyhoo when I left home before 9am, the “stage” stood alone. When I returned at 7pm, a football “fete match” was in full swing. I have been told by others that the accompanying music began around 1pm and as I am writing this at 10:45pm, the music is on at full blast and shows no signs of stopping. I cannot have a face-to-face conversation with anyone at home without some difficulty in hearing, I am even having trouble hearing myself think. Noise pollution anyone?

Who can residents turn to?

Past calls to the Four Roads Police Station about such events have gone unresponded. “Ma’am it’s a ‘sporting event’!” As if that explains it all.

Acquaintance has informed me that calls to the Diego Martin Regional Corporation are a colossal waste of time as a certain receptionist has been intercepting all calls to the Supervisor (the person who apparently oversees the Playfield). The Supervisor has not been available for some time and has not returned any messages left for him / her. The same receptionist has refused (or been instructed not to) to reveal the Supervisor’s name (Even after Acquaintance’s letter was printed in the papers? Not enough public humiliation?). There appears to be no one else in the Corporation who can handle such a call from a member of the public, no communications or complaints officer. The Corporation’s greatest achievement yet: saying “no.”

I suppose that us residents could try higher up in the pecking order – our invisible MP Keith Rowley and fellow resident. Oh wait! He appears to be quite chummy with Corporation Chairman / Alderman Steve Castagne in this photo.

Or we could try the EMA (Environmental Management Authority). But the EMA’s guidelines about how a member of the public can go about reporting noise pollution violations are still quite unclear…




After a resident called the Police there was an announcement over the loud-speakers at the “event”: Police said that we can play our music softly and continue to enjoy ourselves (paraphrase).

It is now after 11pm and I can hear the music as loudly as ever.  Will cheap-o Corporation will reimburse me for Tylenol or Ambien?

Music stopped at 11:15 pm.

~ by mangoandmosquitoblog on December 8, 2007.

One Response to “The No Corporation”

  1. Mango,

    Have been trying unsuccessfully for the past 2 hours to reach the Diego Martin Regional Council….and must admit that I am at the point of thinking that I am wasting my time especially if like your Acquaintance I will finally get through only to have my call intercepted by the receptionist (a.k.a The Blocker).

    All numbers listed:

    General Office …..637-2204/637-2205 (are constantly busy…so I know someone is there…)

    Hotline…..637-8115 (what is the point of this particular number as I have on other occasions tried this number and it only rings…imagine if I had an emergency)

    Complaints Desk…..632-5137 (another waste of time number …. only rings … I have concluded that the DMRC must be a Ring Circus because based on your Acquaintance’s feedback and my own, only clowns must work there)

    Chairman….632-6459 (I must admit this is the only number that I actually got through to and the kind lady told me I had to call one of those ringing numbers….)

    Will keep you posted.


    Mosquito eventually got through to the Works Supervisor, who was very pleasant. He expressed dismay when he heard about The Blocker’s actions. Seems that he never gave any instructions to not give out his name. Mr. Works Supervisor recommended that Mosquito talk to someone else and gave her the relevant person’s name and telephone number. That number has been ringing for the past two days…

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