How to Buss a Business (Trini Style): Pt. 2

State-owned (partially/wholly) companies, especially utilities, in T&T seem to have little concern for their customers.

My neighbourhood G****** gets water three times a week and electricity goes at least once a fortnight (no lie!). Indeed, last night we had no water (sandwiches for dinner) and this morning we had no electricity (work clothes rumpled fuh so).

I cannot even begin to talk about calling any of those entities to report an interruption in service. Ringing phone lines, uninformed service reps and inconsistent explanations abound.

Yet my household’s water and electricity bills remain the same. The cost of providing inconsistent service is the same as providing consistent service.

I am certain that if I cease to pay my bills, those services will be cut sooner rather than later. However, the squatting entrepreneur (vegetables and weed) that lives within view of my home will continue to to get service with his unregularised connections (Town & Country Planning: WHAT EXACTLY ARE YOU GOOD FOR?)

What bothers me even more is that this upcoming Carnival season, I can expect that some of these service-challenged enterprises, along with other inefficient State departments and offices, will host their very own fetes and parties (Customs, Fire Services, Licensing Office, NFM).

Where does the money come from and where does it go? That is, are expenditures and incomes being monitored and audited? Do the profits really go back to the public coffers?

Why waste time and money organizing such transitory events when you could make more long-term investments? For example, improving the technology that you use, training staff in the use of this technology, training staff in dealing with the public, and overall, improving the quality of service that you provide.



~ by mangoandmosquitoblog on December 5, 2007.

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