Wake Up and Smell the Gas

Those of you who have read my earlier politically-oriented entries may have thought me full of wind and read much more into the 29/11/07 Business Guardian’s cover story headline “Mango delivers first gas.”*

Nothing to do with me and everything to do with bpTT’s success in locating gas at its new Mango platform.

In spite of this success, Robert Riley, bpTT’s chairman and chief executive states that “Gas is going to be harder to find. Smaller pools. It is going to be more costly and more challenging. That is why we are developing a world-class fabrication industry.”

Fabricating what I ask?

fabricate (verb)

1. invent, typically with deceitful intent 2. construct or manufacture (an industrial product), especially from prepared components

Source: Concise Oxford English Dictionary (Pearsall, 2002)

Word choice is definitely an interesting thing.

What new energy source will run this fabrication industry…?

Meanwhile, in that same edition of the Trinidad Guardian, it was reported that BG T&T had laid off 42 employees, 10 % of its workforce.*

Tony Fraser, who chronicled the 19th Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting that took place last week in Kampala, Uganda, cited PM Manning as saying that the implementation of the Action Plan of the Commonwealth on Climate Change could have a serious impact on T&T.

With 17 petro-chemical plants, four LNG trains, an iron and steel complex, and an oil refinery, “we are putting a significant amount of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere,” Manning said.

“T&T, especially as we’re moving to developed country status and especially as the Kyoto Protocol kicks in, could find itself very hard hit by the provisions of the protocol if we don’t address that question of greenhouse gas emissions and address it now.”

Read the full article here.

It would be interesting to find out exactly how our investigations into alternative sources of energy, and cleaner sources at that, are going.

The Caribbean Renewable Energy Development Programme (CREDP) seeks “To reduce barriers to the increased use of renewable energy thus reducing the dependence on fossil fuels while contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.”

How active has Trinidad and Tobago been as one of thirteen countries participating in the project?

Wonder if all this talk by Patos and the oil and gas corps is just a lot of gas?



*The issue referred to had not yet been archived by The Trinidad Guardian.


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