Letter to the Editor

Reading Mosquito’s last entry reminds me that last week Wednesday, an acquaintance of ours had e-mailed copies of the letter below, to the editors of our daily newspapers.

Progress Comes to G******

Those of us that paid dearly, with no small amount of personal hardship, for the tranquil ambience of suburban life in G******, less noise and bright lights, have found that wrested from us by the D.M. Regional Corporation’s latest actions with respect to the [named] Children’s Playfield.

The Corporation’s lack of consultation with the local community, especially those who reside in the area surrounding / overlooking the field, can only be deemed as inconsiderate and most disrespectful. At no time were we invited to participate in any discussion concerning the development of the field.

Over the years, the field has changed and not necessarily to the benefit of the majority population. There are few residents with a schedule that allows us to take advantage of the field during the day. And by the afternoon, when most of us are home and ready to exercise, there is no chance to use the field unless you are into basketball or football.

The noise from the matches, the evening / night-time limers and amateur deejays is a regular nuisance and the occasional weekend party / fete, with its ear-throbbing, window-shaking levels of noise (no EMA-required announcements to be seen), has been even more bothersome. Note: These are not even activities that one associates with the name “Children’s Playfield”…

With respect to local development, timing is always an interesting consideration. Like many other communities in T&T, the general election usually brings some infrastructural improvements our way. So, it was with no small amount of dismay that I noticed that without community discussion, in the pre-election weeks, a fairly large, covered stand had been erected in the field. The week after elections, three tall light-poles, the positioning of which leave much to be desired, were also put up. Up to this past Sunday (a day of rest!), work was being done on those poles. Yet, I should not have been surprised because even before elections the Corporation’s maintenance activities was largely focused on this unattractively landscaped field.

Clearly the Corporation’s priorities lie in satisfying the needs of a select group. What about repaving our patchwork, potholed [named] Road? What about repairing and maintaining the cracked, grassy pavements that align this main road? What about solving the traffic confusion that takes place in front of the field? What about cleaning that dirty river that runs through the neighbourhood?

About the field in question: Why doesn’t the Regional Corporation confer with [named] residents about the field’s development? Is the field’s usage monitored and regulated? Why aren’t the residents consulted about and notified of “events” being held there? With our temperamental electricity supply, who is turning on and off those lights?



NOTE: Please use my pen name “Concerned Taxpayer with Rights Too” in lieu of my given name and address.






~ by mangoandmosquitoblog on November 29, 2007.

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