Park Somewhere Else

In my neighbourhood, like most others, there is a designated park area rather unaptly named “X Children’s Playfield”. Unaptly, because very rarely do I see anyone below the age of 18 years utilizing the Park, and while I do not expect only children to use it, I would like to think that at least the residents of the area would utilize the Park for their purposes, but sadly they don’t (or rather can’t).

I must admit for a number of years the Park was underused and in fact, when my family moved to the area, it was peacefully occupied by a pair of goats (don’t ask, but it never bothered us in the least). In the more recent times the goats have been replaced with people, but where these persons have come from, I have no idea, because they are certainly not the residents of the area (after 20 years or so of living somewhere, you ought to be able to recognize your fellow residents).

The Park, which has great potential, has been invaded in the past few years by what I can only term as “vagabonds”: weed smokers, loud music players and now brace yourself…thieves. Yes thieves, for these characters think that once they use the Park, that they are entitled to disregard property and privacy rights of the property-owners surrounding it. I have heard that on a number of occasions, some neighbours have had to chase trespassers from out of their yards.

To make matters worse, the true residents of the area who are entitled to use the Park, may no longer have a chance to regain that use. In the past few weeks prior to and after the election, the Park has been subject to a few additions. Not only do I have to contend with the usual loud noise, seedy characters and the occasional “blocko” (on those occassions I can look forward to a whole day of festivities), but the Park is now used by some kind of football league. This of course means much action in terms of “fixing” it to reach “FIFA” (Foolish Individuals Fighting for Attention) standards.

Now when I look out towards the Park, I now have the glaring glint of a newly constructed, galvanized roof stand (erected pre-election) and can soon expect 3 “stadium” lights on towering poles, strategically placed to shine blindingly into our homes.

I sometimes wonder if I live where I live or in its closely named counterpart La…



~ by mangoandmosquitoblog on November 22, 2007.

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