Rational Response

Today is my “last hurrah” with respect to commenting on Elections 2007 in Trinidad and Tobago. One week since the event – enough is enough.

You might have noticed that my last few entries were initially comments that I posted on Barbados Underground. One writer in particular has taken particular affront to my stance. Anonymous // Nov 12th 2007 at 7:49 am, has deemed my response/s as “riddled with inaacuracies can perhaps fool some bajans who are naive,and have failed to examine what is going on in neighbouring countries with plural societies and even an examination of similar countries further afield.”

Why did I post anything there in the first place you might ask? Curiosity really. Bajans were commenting on the elections situation in Trinidad and Tobago and I thought it might have been of value for a Trini, born and bred, to also contribute to the discussion.

The opinions that I expressed in those posts were just that, personal opinions. I will hold to those opinions until I am convinced otherwise (I learn something new every day), but I had and have no expectation of convincing others to share my perspective.

Moreover, I cannot profess to speak on behalf of all Trinis, COP supporters or mixed race persons. It would be impossible for me / anyone, to fully present the complexities of race politics and daily life in Trinidad and Tobago, in a few entries that were frankly written on the fly, without any solid supporting research.

My reality is not the same as anyone else’s. It has been and continues to be framed by my upbringing, education, personal experiences, knowledge.

Those critical-thinking readers at Barbados Underground (and mangoandmosquitoblog for that matter) surely do not need Anonymous or me, with our own generalizations and oversimplifications (deliberate or not), to advise them about the importance of seeking further clarification and illumination in other ways (extensive and varied reading – duh!), from more authoritative sources.


Note: This response was NOT posted on Barbados Underground. I have come to realise that it serves no purpose to be posting comments willy-nilly across the Internet, addictive as it may be.


~ by mangoandmosquitoblog on November 12, 2007.

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