Why I Voted the Way that I Did…

The following was written by Mango (as trini) in the Comments section of an entry entitled Update:Trinidad Election Watch, November 05, 2007~Will The Trend Continue? [click on link to read the full thread], on the blog Barbados Underground.

So the results of the elections: PNM – 26, UNC-A – 15, COP – 0.I voted for the COP and I do not regret it. If elections were held again tomorrow, I would vote the same. As a young professional, voting only for the second time, I decided to go with the party that:

~ Seemed to have the most integrity. Both the PNM and the UNC have had a number of corruption scandals associated with their members and I am sure there are more to be uncovered.

~ Had a good mix of experienced candidates and fresh faces and moreover had a candidate for my area that I thought would best represent me and my fellow residents. Most Trinis do not vote with the candidate in mind, they vote for the party.

~ Had a unique take on the issues of importance (see highlights of their manifesto). The PNM and the UNC both had their chance/s (the PNM has had over 25 years of governance experience) and had mucked it up. Crime is increasing, food prices are exorbitant, the quality of health care and education is deteriorating.

~ Did not exploit race as an issue (I am of mixed descent, but look more like…)

~ Did not act like it was a divine right to govern T&T (PNM’s slogan “This is PNM country” and UNC’s “COP is splitting the vote” argument bordered on arrogance)

The people have spoken and those that voted for the other parties apparently considered other perhaps, less lofty things. I have heard of comments like “dem can’t govern we” (pitting one race party against the other) and sensed people’s (both big business and the small man) fears about the loss of contracts, jobs and opportunities (whether rightfully gained in the first place or not).

The first-past-the-poll (Correction: should have been “first-past-the-post”) system fails, like it always does, to make every vote count. More people voted against the PNM than for it. Less people voted in this election than the last one. Less than half our total population decided the future of the whole.




~ by mangoandmosquitoblog on November 11, 2007.

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