Same S#!T, Different Day

At 11.30 or so last night I rolled over in my bed to the sound of my bedroom door being opened and Mango informing me that (Taada!Nothing had changed, the PNM was still in power) and even though she delivered this news with a quiver in her voice I wondered in my sleepy state why she was so surprised.

So we did our duty behind the fridge cardboard box (a.k.a the voting booth) (I mean that alone would have made me vote for any other party than he who had ruleth for the past 5 odd years – did we not at least deserve a curtain – a shower one would have sufficed, plenty nice ones on Charlotte Street), and marked our X for who we thought would do our constituency justice. Like Mango I don’t regret I voted, I don’t even think of it as wasted, I mean we had to try.

The representative I voted for at least lived in my area and shared my woes of bathing under a drip of water, dressing up to last Friday in the dark since electricity had gone, and this is when times are good, on the really bad days there is no water and no electricity. Oh and did I mention the holes in the road – some so huge Mr. Valley could go missing – but of course Patrick we stepping up with you – doh mind I ent bathe since Saturday and I leave home with 2 wrong shoes since I dress by candlelight (as if I living in the bush instead of a middle class neighbourhood – no offense). All those who stepped up with Manning and experience the same woes that I have mentioned all I can say is that Manning followers are nothing but Pretty Nasty Members (oh god you ent bathe in days but you voting PNM?!).

I ask only one question – did you vote for a party or for the representative who you thought would do justice to your constituency? If you said party I hope you took the latter into consideration but if you did not – you deserve no water and no electricity. No wonder we can’t attain vision 20/20 we can’t see where we going and but at least we can smell our way there but… careful you fall in the hole in d road…





~ by mangoandmosquitoblog on November 6, 2007.

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