Election Day Was Here…

The following was written yesterday (before election results):

This is not the first national elections that I have made it on to the EBC’s voter list (a right, a privilege, a dubious honour…). Yet this time around I have been much more interested in the political on-goings.

Maybe all that advertising expenditure by the contending parties (and the tax-payers of Trinidad & Tobago) really reaped returns. Or two subsequent tertiary level degrees have succeeded in erasing my so-called gen-X apathy / improved my critical-thinking skills.

But the more that I think about it I am just a too fed up twenty-something living in a country that cannot get its act together: accountability, agricultural diversification, constitutional and parliamentary reform, cost of living, customer service, crime, education, employment opportunities, environmental protection, gender and racial equality, health care, housing, infrastructure (electricity, water, roads, telephones and related services), integrity, participatory governance, religious and belief-system tolerance, social services, technology, transparency…

So I found myself caught up in a tide of political fervour, willing to engage in heated conversations with family and friends about the future of this country’s political leadership, attending a Saturday afternoon political rally.

By this election morning I was more than ready to vote. 6:50 am found Mosquito and I at a secondary school in the west, with an Intercol-worthy football field. With over an hour’s wait in some real hot sun, in a pedigree line-up (a doctor, poufy-haired Humphrey and Gordon wives, an artist-chef and a faded former beauty queen), subject to the not too alert gaze of a rifle-toting policeman, this anxious voter was soon anxious to leave.

In a used cardboard-box polling booth, a single ballot was marked with one x, a right index finger had been double-dipped in an insecticide can cover (bop?), filled with flavine-coloured ink.

Consider this voter’s duty done.






~ by mangoandmosquitoblog on November 6, 2007.

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